Must Love Cones

evolution. polyploidy. trees.


My research interests span plant evolution, especially polyploidy. While I work in several systems, I have a soft spot for gymnosperms and other underdogs.

In the Novikova lab, I’m leading a project on adaptation to polyploidy in Siberian Arabidopsis lyrata, which shows signs of genomic adaptation to whole genome duplication. I am also co-PI on a DFG funded project to study polyploid adaptation in aquatic Potomageton.

Concurrently, I’m developing a research program studying the (re)diploidization process which follows polyploidization using both mosses and wild Arabidopsis species as models.

Following in the vein of my Ph.D. research, I continue to work on gymnosperm genome evolution in collaboration with Jill Wegrzyn. While redwoods are my favorite taxon to focus on, I don’t discriminate against other gymnosperms.